MY VISION: a better world

… but how?

Before answering this question, it is important to realize why we need to work for a better world.


Our world is constantly in motion and our changing lifestyles come are now negatively affecting Mother Earth. Our activities affect the level natural greenhouse gases because we burn fossil fuels which results in an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere results in a rise of average temperature, with the indirect effect of melting glaciers, rising sealevels, and increased evaporation and precipitation. This means more droughts, loss of land, and more extreme weather.

The solution seems simple: decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. However, this means significantly cutting back on using fossil fuels. This is a challenging task, especially with our current lifestyle where everything needs to be bigger, better, and faster. In addition, our population is increasing faster than we can account for in terms of food, fresh water, and energy.


One of the topics that I am most passionate about is energy efficiency in the built environment. Buildings account for 40% of the total energy consumption in the EU. Improving the energy efficiency of this sector will have a big impact on the overall energy consumption. Therefore we need to focus on energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources, and energy storage on a large scale.

In order to make a contribution (and hopefully a change), we need to understand and experience; we need to work together on a multidisciplinary level; we need to be ambitious and passionate; and we need to pass on this knowledge to other people.

With this belief in mind, I want to contribute with my knowledge. Not only to make this a better world for our generation and the generations to come, but also for all other living beings that we share our planet with. We are in an age of technology, so why not use this technology to improve our situation and to make a contribution, instead of breaking down what we have?!

I believe that we need to (and can!) convert knowledge that already exists into new and smart solutions. Some of the problems that we face today, are already solved by nature and by our predecessors.

What we need is enthousiastic and passionate people that want to create a better, more sustainable world. I strive to be one of them in my field of expertise, to develop my skills and expertise to fit my ambitions and my vision, and to contribute and share my knowledge with others.

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