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Junior member at ENERSENSEWhat is ENERSENSE? It is “a strategic research area with focus on the nexus of energy efficiency, energy storage, and sensor technologies” [source]. It is part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and was started at the faculty of engineering at formerly HiST that later merged with NTNU.

We are a group of passionate researchers from different departments at NTNU that work for a better world. We represent an international community and work with interdiscplinary projects within our group, as well as in collaboration with students and with the industry. Our group currently consists of professors, assosiate professors, Postdoc’s, PhD’s, and research assistants.

Conference organisation- I was in charge of organising 3 internal conferences since fall 2016 for ENERSENSE, 1 per semester, and will most likely continue contributing to this. These conferences include presentations from different members and workshops about topics such as interdisciplinary collaboration, communication, and writing.
- I was in charge of organising the program of my department’s work trip to the Netherlands in spring 2017.
- I helped organising the “Riktig med en gang” conference in 2017.
Workshops and conferences- International Passive House Conference: “Deep Retrofits with PHPP”, April 2017
- University of Belgrade: “COST Action: TU1104, Integrated approach to retrofitting existing dwellings”, April 2015

- Cold Climate HVAC, March 2018
- NSB 2017 Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, June 2017
- Seminar about upgrading single housing, May 2017
- Riktig med en gang, May 2017
- International Passive House Conference, April 2017
- Riktig med en gang, October 2016
Language courses- In order to improve my Norwegian skills, I have taken several language courses since 2014.
- I succesfully passed the IELTS Academic Training exam, level proficiency in 2013.

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