Conference and activity organisation- Member of the social committee, Institute for civil and environmental engineering, NTNU, 2018-2020
- Organisation of 3 internal conferences for ENERSENSE, 2016-2020
- Organisation of a work excursion to the Netherlands, 2017.
- Organisation of the “Riktig med en gang” conference in 2017.
Workshops - Workspace for publishing and outreach, April-June 2020
- ESBO Dynamic building simulation for beginners, January 2020
- Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis, February 2019
- IDA-ICE Intermediate course, December 2018
- International Passive House Conference: “Deep Retrofits with PHPP”, April 2017
- University of Belgrade: “COST Action: TU1104, Integrated approach to retrofitting existing dwellings”, April 2015
Conference participation- Nordic Conference on Zero Emission and Plus Energy Buildings, November 2019
- SBE19.Thessaloniki: Sustainability in the built environment for climate change mitigation, October 2019
- Retrofit Europe, November 2018
- Cold Climate HVAC, March 2018
- Smart Building Conference, February 2018
- NSB 2017 Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, June 2017
- Seminar about upgrading single housing, May 2017
- Riktig med en gang, May 2017
- International Passive House Conference, April 2017
- Riktig med en gang, October 2016

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