Hillside Habitat

Hillside Habitat
Final render
  • Site plan & section

This project was part of the Nordic Built Challenge and was done in collaboration with Studio Puisto and Caroline Melberg. The goal was to establish a new neighbourhood with a large density and the possibility for farming, without making large incisions in the terrain.

Hillside habitat is an area where nature and residents coexist in a close relationship. By taking into account the location, the climate, the user, and the local resources, a community, a new habitat, is created. Several public functions are introduced in the form of public outdoor spaces and common rooms. As the community develops, more aspects and functions are added to a loop-system to create a self-sufficient area. The apartments blocks are adapted to the site, but are also scalable and applicable to similar locations in the Nordic regions. Passive strategies and local resources are used to decrease the energy demand and environmental footprint of the building.

Programs used: AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Climate Consultant, Revit Architecture