Courtyard Living

Courtyard Living
Visual impression seen from the courtyard
  • Site plan

This project was part of the Nordic Built Challenge and is a sub-design in a larger proposal for Sege Park. The goal was a design with a decrease in CO2-emissions per person per year, and reasonable living cost for citizens in Sege Park. The proposal for the town houses ‘Courtyard Living’ connects flexible housing with a lively and thriving courtyard that houses social functions for the residents.

The courtyard is the central area and houses social functions such as a playground and a farming area. To create a social courtyard, stairs are placed diagonally over the building-facade so that all apartments have direct access to the courtyard. These stairs also connect the street with the courtyard through the building. The building itself has a small environmental footprint. To minimize the heated space per resident, the units are flexible and can be either connected or split when the size of a family changes. To decrease the heating demand, trombe wall elements are installed on the south and east facade. In addition, building integrated PV-panels are installed on the roof to produce electricity on site.

Programs used: AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Revit Architecture