Since I first started studying architecture, in 2010, I became more and more interested in sustainable design. I found out that this is something that I am passionate about and want to become an expert at, because I want to contribute to making this world more sustainable. I started this journey in the Netherlands, close to my hometown, and later made the decision to move to Trondheim, Norway, and I am still there. During my studies I focused on building technologies, energy efficiency, energy simulations and integrating sustainability into architecture.

Right now I have gained enough knowledge to start passing it on to new students, but at the same time I am aware that there is still much to learn and discover before I can call myself an expert. My position as a PhD candidate is the perfect first step towards achieving this goal.

To sum up, I am… 
  • a passionate PhD candidate at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU
  • educated as an architectural engineer and specialised in sustainability
  • a junior member of ENERSENSE, “a strategic research area with focus on the nexus of energy efficiency, energy storage, and sensor technologies”.


I am a PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. My project is called “effective energy use in existing buildings with the use of modern sensor technology and building automation” and is part of ENERSENSE. This is a research area with focus on energy efficiency, energy storage and sensor technology (including building automation). My project combines energy efficiency in buildings with sensor technology and building automation. As part of my PhD education, I am also involved in guidance of 3rd year students from the bachelor of civil engineering at NTNU. 

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2016 – nowPhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering

This project focusses on reducing the energy consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of existing buildings. It takes into account optimisation of the building envelope and looks into how building automation can contribute to energy efficient refurbishment.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2013 – 2015Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture

This MSc program focussed on the integration of sustainable solutions into architectural context, regarding both existing and new designs. The concepts range between traditional and state-of-the-art solutions, and are used to achieve high-quality and cost effective architecture that contributes towards creating a zero emission built environment.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Architecture and Design
2010 – 2013Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Building and Planning

This BSc program focussed on developing skills to analyze, to design, to cooperate and to present design projects. The program combines the knowledge of architectural principles with a technical background, resulting in architectural engineering. During my bachelor I choose to focus on building physics and systems.
Eindhoven University of Technology

Department of the Built Enviroment


2016 – now PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Including lecturing and student guidance.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2016Research Assistant

Contribution to ‘Guidelines for Designers, part 2’ as part of IEA Annex 57
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Under supervision of dr. A. Houlihan Wiberg
2015Nordic Built Cities Challenge

Contribution to the design process of two projects: Hillside Runavik, in collaboration with Studio Puisto and C. Mellberg; and Sege Park, in collaboration with A. Isidori and Arkiventures.
Nordic Built Cities Challenge

2015Project work – energy simulations

Energy simulations as contribution to the article “Improving energy efficiency of traditional housing in Kosovo – case of Prizren-Mashkulli house”, prepared for the World Building Congress to be held in Tampere/Finland, May 30 –
June 3, 2016.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Under supervision of L. Finocchiaro

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